Urban Disaster

I have become increasingly annoyed with the antics of Sandra Urban-Hall as she continues to bargain in the media on behalf of the province.  In her latest diatribe, she speaks of the unwillingness of teachers to negotiate.  This is a lot of B.S.  Teachers have shown a willingness from the beginning to negotiate reasonably.  She continues to try to vilify  teachers with statements like “please don’t impact the graduating and post secondary plans of our students.  These decisions are not made by the STF, rather the Ministry.  She also goes out of her way to describe the STF as a union, which it is not.  The Federation is just that…a professional body that represents the collective interests of its members.  I have repeatedly heard the voice of the ignorant who suggest teachers need to be more visible on picket lines.  When have you seen doctors and lawyers on the picket line?  We are professionals and thus aim to conduct ourselves as such.  Further to the notion that teachers can’t ask for the percentage we are because it is about supply and demand…that would mean lawyers would earn pittance and politicians even less.  The barometer should be…what does it cost to ensure that our students the best education.  If people like Urban-Hall continue to devalue teachers, the profession will only attract those who believe the tripe about 9-3 and summer off.  The most insulting thing this government has done in this negotiation is by appointing Urban-Hall as a spokesperson.  I hope that they are confident that they can undo all the damage caused by this Urban disaster.


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