March 1-14th

Sorry, the past couple of weeks have been a blur so here are the gems I’ve collected:

1. This visual revisits the SAMR Framework mentioned in a previous post as it relates to the next evolution of education:

2. This next one is a great matrix of iPad pas for teachers and students across subject areas:

3. This link gives you some great book creating apps:


4. Another one for the iPad folder.  This link clues you in to the best note-taking apps:

5.  Getting grief for giving homework?  Check out these alternatives to traditional homework.  Bonus-students take responsibility for their learning in many of these:

5. Still trying to master the art of giving feedback?  Here are 20 pretty solid tips:

6. This one shows you how to create collaborative diagrams and mind maps:

7.  Another top 20 but this time it’s to stimulate creativity:

8.  Here are a couple of goodies from Leslie Ruo:!4580&authkey=!ABrZIJmIAJEaqJA&ithint=file%2c.pptx

Click on the above link to see how you can install software from the Software Center tile.  You can only do the above while at school!

I also made some corrections to the SITL Tips from yesterday (and added some information about learning how to use Adobe Acrobat)

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