March 24th-28th

Another week has sped by…here are my latest tech tidbits…

I just came across this Bloom’s Taxonomy Teacher Planning Kit.  It has some great ideas and excellent references to the type of questioning and activities that should be happening at each level.  A real keeper:

This one is for all you Grammar Geeks out there:

You may or  may not have heard that Microsoft released Office for iPad Thursday.  Now your students can compose and create right on their iOS device.  That being said, check out these citation apps for iPad:

In that spirit, this link explores apps for student researchers:

This link will give your students two key tips for using Google Scholar:

Tweet This!  Tips on how to use social media in the classroom:

A cheat sheet for students when conducting Google Searches…don’t tell them its good for them:

This link may help you flip your classroom in the right way:

Ever wonder how many ways you could use Google Forms?  Here’s 80:

Here are some interesting ways to…:

Stop getting upset with students using their mobile phones in class and MAKE them use their mobile phones in class:

That’s it for this week folks.  Remember, when exploring technology it’s not the size of your input that matters, but the quality of your interface!







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