March 31st-April 4th

Another week has flown by faster than a KB on a Gigabit router….never mind! Those of you who actually read this will notice a facelift to the blog. This weeks post has some nice techy tidbits…

This page has a great 9-step process to creating presentations on Google Drive:

This next page claims to be a comprehensive list of web resources by subject but it managed to leave out ELA:

This link provides two quiz tool resources which seem good but come with a price tag. Both offer free trials though:

This think is to a page that highlights the top 50 educational blogs. Actually the main page has access to over 600! Maybe I’ll be there some day LOL:

This page highlights the 5 elements students should be using to evaluate web content. In my humble opinion this is some great CRAAP-check out the neat video:

Stop worrying, technology will never replace teachers and Teacherswithapps tells us why:

Multiple choice tests can be great for formative assessment. Vanderbilt University tells us how to maximize their potential:

For all my History peeps out there, this page promises a treasure trove of timelines to use in your classes:

For those who are unsure how to integrate technology into instruction, this page has some valuable tips:

More on this page regarding project-based learning:

This site offers 3 tools to create audio infused presentations:

This visual takes Blooms taxonomy to the next level by offering a digital focus:

The associated video on this page offers a great explanation for students on primary and secondary sources. The Commoncraft tool used to create it is pretty awesome too!

If you navigate the Twitterverse, check out these educational chats:

Thanks for reading and remember:

Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.
-Bill Gates




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