May 12th-23rd

I cannot fathom that we are already halfway through May!  This school year has been a whirlwind. because I have been away for a little bit I have merged this week and last week into one post.

If you are thinking about incorporating the iPad into your teaching regimen, these Core Teacher Apps are a great place to start.

Check out this great slideshare on 25 great web tools for teachers.

This visual does a great job explaining the foundations of flipped learning.  If you have ever wondered what it was or how to get started, the visual brings some clarity.

This site does explains the process of advancing students as critical thinkers.  Make sure to explore the links within as well; they contain some valuable tips too.

Ted Talks are great for generating professional discussion but they are not limited to that forum.  Click here for  5 TED TALKS to watch and discuss with your students.  They are quite compelling!

This is a great explanation of Digital Literacy if you are still struggling with the concept.

For those who still subscribe to the philosophy that technology is just another fad in education, this site explains 6 shifts in education due to technology.

I have always believed in the concept of a teacher as a self-reflective practitioner.  Here are some great probing questions a teacher should ask themselves at the end of the year.  I loved #8 and #9!

These are some great web tools created by teachers, for teachers.

The next three links are for infographics  on:


Flipped Learning

Digital Literacies

If you are a fan of Evernote, you will love Evernote Clearly.  This tool will help your students clear the distractive clutter from any online readings you give them.

I am learning a lot about digital citizenship on the #DCMOOC that I am a part of.  I will share more in coming posts.  The same is true of the SPS Teachnology Conference I attended on the 21st.  Particularly compelling were our keynotes Kathy Schrock and Katrina German.  Here is the link to Kathy’s presentation.  German is the CEO of Onestory.  This site uses videos in a unique way to affect social change.  There are apps for iOS and Android that facilitate interviews and neatly edit the video for you.  I highly recommend this site!

Trying to build a collaborative community in your classroom?  You might find these web tools helpful.

In the same vein, there is a new Google App called Chalkup that allows you to annotate and grade student work in google drive.  This link will take you to a site that explains it and includes a Youtube video on Google Drive integration.

Well, that’s it from me.  Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!






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