May 26th-30th

Well, this week certainly made a thunderous entrance!  The rest of the week looks good though.  Even though I’m a techy, I still appreciate seeing the grass and trees begin to green and the flowers starting to bloom.  Though we are just getting started, there are already some nice little treasures out there…

If you are considering blogging with your students but struggle with the notion of  assessment, this link not only provides you with a great rubric, but an excellent visual as well.

From the Department of Redundancy Department – a site that offers you a rubric on…you guessed it- creating rubrics.

Next, this site will expound on the benefits of gamification on learning and literacy.  In that vein, here is a link to 8 Science games.

If you are one of those teachers like myself who uses their summer to learn, this site will link you to 800 Free MOOCS (Massive Online Open Course) to cram knowledge into your brain.

For my science colleagues out there Science NetLinks is a phenomenal resource that allows you to narrow your searches quite specifically.  I spent considerable time on this site and there are some great tools and resources.

If you have ever assigned an assignment that requires PowerPoint but your students are afraid of public speaking?  This site explains how to ad audio narration to your presentation.  This would still allow you to assess some of those critical speaking skills.  This works well if you want to screencast the presentation for your students to access virtually as well.  It would be extremely beneficial if you are teaching EAL learners and you needed them to hear the proper pronunciation of sentences as well as seeing them.  You could also create a lesson where they add the narration at you can assess their speaking skills.

Reading fluency and comprehension are skills commonly assessed in ELA classes.  Here are some suggestions for iPad apps that can help.

I have to be honest, Edmodo is not my favourite LMS (Learning Management System).  However, my goal is not to bias your decisions.  Here is a guide to getting started.

This is a great piece on the 21st Century Classroom.  There are great visuals and other supports to shift your classroom into the digital “blended” realm.

Did you know that your students can adjust their search in Google to their reading level?  Here’s how.

Among the many things you can do with Google Drive Heres how to give students audio feedback.

As I continue my learning journey on DCMOOC, I try to share the knowledge I gain.  This week’s topic was related to digital footprint-essentially one’s online presence.  In an age rife with all kinds of social media, it is important that we teach our children the importance of a positive digital footprint and the hazards of  the contrary.  Here are three links worth looking at: 

Have a great weekend.  I hope that reading this post has brought you even one new piece of learning you can move forward with.  Remember, we learn to walk one step at a time!



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