Back To The Future…

School has been back in session for a while, but September start-up seems to pose many challenges for those who share my role. Speaking of challenges, one that continues to provoke me is getting people to understand what I do and why it is important. Take this blog for instance. I take constant jibes from some of my colleagues who don’t really seem to understand its value or the amount of work that I put into it to help others navigate this challenging terrain. I don’t simply toss a bunch of links into the blog without investigating their merit or application. If a link makes it to one of my posts, it is because I feel that it is something my colleagues or their students may be able to use or should take note of. At times. this can be frustrating, but I keep telling myself that eventually, all educators will realize that new curricula has a technological imperative not just a suggestion that you use it. Speaking of imperatives, teaching digital citizenship has become a byproduct of the technological imperative. This infographic provides students with some key points on netiquette.  Number 11 is a great example of a skill that few people have when participating in online discussion.  If you just picked up the new iPad, take a look at these apps that can help you integrate its use in your classroom.  Weebly  is a great tool for creating an online classroom if you are intimidated by some of the LMS platforms that are out there.  If you are a fan of Android, these concept map tools might be right up your alley.

Despite the fact that copyright laws have relaxed to afford education a little more freedom, teaching students to respect copyright is still important.  This site shows some popular royalty-free music options.  They are also great if you want to spice up your own professional presentations.  This link will take you to free printable comic strip templates.  These could be useful to beginning language learners or as a simple scaffold to getting your students to work with graphic novels.  If you have committed to navigating the technology highway, knowing the current and future trends in edtech might be useful!  Creating a classroom that encourages PBL(Project Based Learning) can be challenging.  For some useful information on understanding PBL and getting started click here.

These are just a few tidbits I have been exploring.  Thank you for your readership and I will continue to post throughout the school year.


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